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Digital & Internet Radio Music System

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Enjoy a wide range of features all in a compact design with the Majority Homerton. The internet radio feature allows you to explore thousands of stations. For further choice, the radio also features a CD player, DAB+ and FM radio, Bluetooth and many other features. Despite its compact size, the Homerton does not compromise on great sound quality and features high-quality audio that will fill any room in your home.


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The Homerton has a control button panel at the top of the radio for easy navigation, meaning that more time can be spent on listening and exploring. Designed with a crafted wooden finish and chrome front, the Majority Homerton merges style and practicality.

Experience a spectacle of global radio and cultures with the Majority Homerton, or keep your radio adventure close to home with DAB/DAB+ and FM radio. With thousands of stations to be discovered from every country all over the world in the convenience of your home, radio has now become an adventure. For easy listening to your local stations, simply select DAB/DAB+ digital radio or FM radio modes.

Use the supplied remote control to navigate around your radio and browse through thousands of stations and features for easy navigation. When you discover a station you love, simply set it as a preset favourite for quicker selections.

Download the AirMusic App on Apple or Android to control the radio from an app on your device.

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As well as thousands of stations to scroll through and explore, the Homerton also features a CD player to listen to all of your favourite CDs. Simply scroll to CD mode and begin playing your CD, or programme tracks to play in a selected order.

The Homerton also includes a range of ports and features to enjoy your own music and streaming services. Using Bluetooth connectivity or UPnP, you can immerse yourself in your favourite media and enjoy your favourite playlists from the apps on your phone such as Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube and many other streaming services. For devices without Bluetooth, connect to the radio via the AUX port or even insert a USB stick with MP3 files into the radio via the USB port.

Adjust the screen brightness on the LCD colour screen and alter many other features to personalise the radio to what is right for you. In radio settings, change the equaliser to accompany the genre you are listening to for the best music experience.

Set two alarms on your radio, with options of selecting the days you wish to set each alarm such as weekends, weekdays or daily. For further personalisation, enjoy exploring the thousands of radio stations as your alarm tone. Simply choose a radio station from 150+ of your chosen internet, DAB/DAB+ or FM preset stations to wake up every day with a new adventure. When the alarm sounds, put it into snooze at the press of a button for extra moments of sleep.


Internet, DAB+ & FM Radio

CD Player


Remote Control

Headphone Jack

USB Port


Dimensions 21 x 24 x 14.7 cm
Weight 2.2kg

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Product Rating

4.94.9 out of 5 stars (based on 7 reviews)
Majority Homerton Internet Radio
Product Reviews

January 13, 2019

I bought a Homerton for my Mother-In-Law and as a result of how easy it is to use, the features, design and build quality I will shortly be purchasing another Majority product for our home. The sound quality is excellent as are the choices of accessing and operating the unit with choice of from the Unit, remote control or by Phone (via the App). The unexpected Weather feature being a real surprise and bonus.

Keith Pyatt

January 13, 2019

Compact, attractive, sturdy DAB radio/CD player, with many other functionalities
This is a very nice looking, compact DAB radio/CD player, with the bonus of internet radio, WAV, USB inputs. It was relatively easy to set up using the instructions provided. The number of different functionalities will make remembering how to navigate take a little time, but the main idea is straightforward with on/off and left/right buttons and a big central select/volume button. The smaller buttons feel a little ‘clicky’ and I hope will not stick or the contact wear out. The sound is fine for my purposes as a bedroom radio/CD player and the device is small enough and easy enough to unplug to move from room to room. The remote control and proper metal aerial are pros. The 3 year extended warranty is a bonus which, together with the discounted price I paid, makes this currently a good buy.

Andrew Powell

January 7, 2019

Simply excellent .

Steve Mackey

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