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Journey A10

Digital Radio Car Adapter

£119.95 RRP

Take your digital radio on the road with the Majority Journey A10. Simply set up the DAB+ adapter in your car with the easy guidance instructions and enjoy a wide variety of stations. You can also listen to your own media on your Bluetooth device – this includes streaming playlists from your favourite apps.


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Designed for easy connectivity to your car, the Journey A10 includes an active antenna for high-quality digital receiving to ensure that you can receive a wide variety of digital radio stations from multiple genres. Using the easy-guidance of the instructions manual, you can set up the adapter to your car via wireless FM Trx transmission, or connect to your car via the AUX cable if this is more convenient for you.

Connect your phone or tablet to the Journey A10 to begin playing your favourite music in your car. Play your favourite music via streaming services such as Spotify, Tidal, TuneIn and more in a few easy steps! For devices without Bluetooth, you can connect them to the unit via the AUX port to ensure your audio experience is not limited.

Once connected, your phone contacts will be imported to the Journey A10 for easy hands-free calling. Access your phone contacts and also accept calls in your car for distraction-free convenience.

For added convenience and safety, the Journey A10 also allows you to set up to ten digital stations as your preset favourites. To navigate to your preset stations, simply click the preset buttons at the top of the unit to avoid distraction whilst driving.

The Majority Journey A10 includes a window screen easy-click mount and a vent mount for easy installation and to set up your DAB adapter for what is right for you. Simply unclick from the car window-screen or the vent to remove the adapter for added security.


DAB+ Radio Adapter


Contacts Function

AUX Input

FM Transmitter

10 Memory Presets


Dimensions 10.2 x 6 x 3.1 cm
Weight 0.52 kg
Model A10-CAR-BLK

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Product Rating

55 out of 5 stars (based on 2 reviews)
Majority Journey A10 DAB Radio Adapter
Product Reviews

January 6, 2019

The main reason I picked this unit was the fact it came with a rubbery suction cup (something like you get with TomTom navigation devices) to attach the unit to the winscreen…no others I could find came with this.

Bonus, didn’t realise it came with 10 pre-set buttons on the top….handy!

Realised before I purchased that the power supply was not what I really needed so bought a twin usb cigar socket charger (so I could power the TomTom Sat Nav from the same socket) and separate USB to Micro usb lead to run from the charger to unit. A bit annoying but it was made clear from the description what was included so you can decide if it will work for you and if necessary make additional purchases of specific leads to suit your needs.

Has 3.5mm line out and 3.5mm aux in sockets. Added bonus in the box a 3.5mm connection lead was included…this was not on the list of contents or in the manual it came with which states you have to buy separately…..bit of a shame for me as I had already purchased one ready to go.

Set up was dead simple, but had already viewed the video guide on Youtube….well worth the effort of viewing this. Obviously will be harder to conceal the leads in some car compared to others. I have a Ford Mondeo Mk4 and had no problem routing all the leads neatly….even the 3.5mm lead to the socket in the glovebox for aux-in to my car head unit.

Hey presto, everything works as it should…..superb no more listening to crappy MW for BBC Radio 5 live and Talksport.

Very very please with purhase so far, especially considering the bargain price.

Chris Harwood

December 30, 2018

Good easy to install dab to standard car radio conversion device. Also has hands free.

Pauline windmill

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